Świnoujście is one of the most beautifully situated towns in Poland. It is surrounded with water on three sides and stretches out over 44 islands which are mostly covered by parks and forests. The place offers both a comfort of urban life and advantages of the health resort. Trans-boundary location of the town with its land border with Germany and sea border with Sweden fosters travelling. The unique microclimate and rich deposits of therapeutic mineral resources enables recovering strength and vitality. This is an excellent place for long walks, bicycle riding, and fishing.  Świnoujście is the health resort eagerly visited by people from Poland and abroad. The character of the town is created by an exceptional architecture of the buildings within the seaside district and the surrounding park.  The district offers wonderful scenery for walks throughout the whole year.  Paths within the park lead in various directions – to the port, town amphitheatre, centre of Świnoujście, and neighboring German towns.  There are many interesting places - among others - a unique fortification system and the tallest in Poland and one of the tallest lighthouses in the world. It should also be underlined that the town has a rich offer of cultural and sport events.
Świnoujście takes pride in the widest beach along the Polish coast which spans along the sea bay. It is the most favorite place of people enjoying walks and the air abundant in iodine. For the fifth time Świnoujście has been awarded the “Blue Flag” for cleanness of its beaches.

Nearby the town, there are three well known in Germany Cesar’s Health Resorts – Ahlbeck, Basin, and Heringsdorf.

Świnoujście is famous for the following treatments:

  • cardiological
  • dermatological
  • pulmonological
  • rheumatological
  • of the locomotor system
  • of the respiratory system
  • of the circulatory system

Due to the specific microclimate, the permanent inhabitants of Świnoujście are some of the longest living people in Europe.​​​