Willa Jantar is the place created for offering the best possible care for its patients. The good state of mind, cheerfulness, and the zest of life are our highest priorities. To ensure this, we have introduced high standards of care based on internal procedures and individual needs of the house’s residents.

RESPONSIBILITY – The management and personnel of the house bears responsibility for its residents. The structural and organizational solutions are subject to the well being of all the residents and each individual.

SECURITY – The residents of the house are mainly elderly people who most often require special care. The key priority is ensuring the safety of living and movement within the building by the management and the personnel.  For this purpose there are a communication system, internal monitoring, and special procedures binding for the nurses and medical personnel of the facility. Due to the accepted solutions the residents of the house may avoid causing danger to their own life and health as well as the health and life of others.      

DEDICATION – Taking care of elderly people requires a special attitude. The personnel of the house comprises of carefully selected people who show good psychological predispositions and personality traits that include passion and dedication to the patients. We combine our work with the sense of duty that has been entrusted to us. We enjoy a 19-year experience in taking care of elderly, sick, and handicapped people.

CO-OPERATION – The residents of our house, their families, and carers are treated as the partners of the management and the personnel.  It aims at identifying and executing – within possible means – all kinds of remarks, requests, and postulates. The partnership also means having access to the medical information about the health condition of the patients. 

We are focusing on the implementation of the internal maintenance and control system of the rendered services. We use best practices and experience of the similar facilities existing in Poland and in the world.​​